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Our Philosophy


There is only one golf swing and we all do it differently.


In terms of the body mechanics and the sequence of events we are all the same for the most part. We all have the same number of bones and muscles. Our wrists, elbows and knees all work best only in certain angles. To a large degree, the design of our skeletal systems are all pretty much the same.


Yet each of us has a somewhat different sense of balance, personal qualities of rhythm and tempo, and variations in our flexibility and range of motion. General groups like men, women, seniors, children and physically challenged individuals all have certain characteristics that distinguish how they swing a golf club.


Go Low Golf instructors start with generic fundamentals and then apply them to reveal what works best for each individual student. In this way we will work with you to discover your own personal golf swing.


Ultimately, our personality, disposition and decision-making values come into play when we take our game onto the golf course. Our on course programs focus on the mental game and translating your game from the practice range to actual play and to the scorecard.


Our goals, for every student, are


  1. to teach you how the mechanics of the golf swing work best for you,

  2. to provide you a personal “toolbox”, i.e. the drills, images and swing thoughts that enable you to make your practice time productive.

  3. and, most importantly, we will give you the “feel” of simply swinging a golf club.


Goals 1 and 2 are the “homework” we do at the practice range and short game area that turn good fundamentals into repetitive motions.


Goal 3 is the repetitive swing we want to take to the golf course. This is the basis of the confidence that will produce the best results on your scorecard.

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