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Golf Instruction You Can Take To A Scorecard.

The "Go Low Golf School Book" by Ken Williams

Throughout my career as a golf instructor, I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of players of all skill levels. I have often wondered how much of what we talked about my students would remember after their lessons. Many of them have asked me to give them notes on all the many facets of their swing and  game to refer to at home and in their practice sessions.


The Go Low Golf School Book is designed as a simple way to understand and see the proper fundamentals as though you were taking notes and photographs during your lessons. It is a quick reference and teaching manual that will get your game on track and keep it moving forward.


My goals are to provide the knowledge of proper golf fundamentals for the practice range, a mindset of good play and decision making on the golf course, visual examples to show you how it should look, and to encourage you to improve through productive practice.

In this way, you can learn to execute the mechanics correctly and develop the feel of a repetitive golf swing that will bring you a greater enjoyment of the game long into the future.

This 56-page manual covers every aspect of this great game, swing mechanics, productive practice and the mental game.  It contains 87 full color pictures and graphic illustrations so you can actually see the correct positions.  It is a simple way to acquire instruction you can take to your scorecard.

        “The Go Low Golf School Book”


Get a copy for yourself or as a gift 

and begin playing better golf in your next round.


                  Tee it up, now!





Just send your full name, mailing address and a check or money order for $24.95 to cover printing, shipping & handling.


Make it payable to Go Low Golf, Inc. and send it to:

Go Low Golf, Inc.

121 SW 96th Terrace, #104

Plantation, Fl. 33324

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