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I want to thank you again for the 3 days we spent  together – with any indication of the way I played I will be a better player.  As we both know it will depend on practice – dedication – and patience. I had   very good contact.


Chip in birdie off the green.

45’ – putt for Par.

100’  chip to 2” for par.

The list goes on.

Again thank you --  looking forward to hooking up next time.

William F.




     Gail and I wanted you to know about the results of spending a week with you in Florida, RUNNERS  UP in our country club ladies invitational. Doesn't matter what flight.    

     I have bragging rights for an entire year.  

     Just thought you would like some feedback.  I bought a new set of Taylor transitional clubs and Gail has had MANY new clubs that she is trying out.   


Sandy S. -


Oh No, Ken!


It can't be that easy! 


I've been to so many schools over the years, but none of them explained things so simply in a language I could understand.


You just tell (and show) me how to do it right instead of telling me what I've heard before... long explanations of what I was doning wrong.


On the course youreally make me think my way around.


George R.

Dear Ken:


I wanted to again thank you for all help at the golf school.  For the first time in 4 years I have the "Golf Bug".  I am able to play and more importantly practice pain free. 


I have read your book 7 times and practice something different every time I go to the range.  You have made golf enjoyable again.


I shot 91 in not to good conditions and was pain free.   Thanks again and I will be seeing you probably in the fall for another class.


Mark M.



Thanks for all your help and advice.  You really helped my game.  I can see and feel and difference already.  I will definitely forward your info to my colleagues and tell them that you are a person that they must see if they visit FL.


You exceeded my expectations, and that is hard to do. I am not easily impressed. I plan on playing each of my remaining days here. I'll keep you posted of my progress. Thanks again!


Rich B.



Well all I can say is thanks very much for the hard 3 days you put

 into Jim and me. The investment has started to pay off. I was at the range tonight and I'm hitting it straight and level, which in my case seems to be keeping my head behind the ball at impact.


It's coming together, thanks to you. You have showed me stuff that my PGA coach in England hasn't.

Thanks again for your patience.


Ian P.

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